Total sketch.

So, I’ve taken up sketching. And/or painting. There’s something really relieving about it, while also being challenging (obviously!). I’ve never been much of an artist; I’ve not had the knack for doodling and I’m honestly not very imaginative or creative. I can see good compositions, which makes me a good photographer, but that skill doesn’t lend itself to spontaneous imagination. Eh. You can’t be too awesome, I suppose.

What I really want to be able to accomplish is definitively depict a scene with my own artistic style. Which has yet to be figured out, clearly. Meanwhile, I’m decisively scribbling and obsessively erasing while dragging my hand all the way through the graphite and torally getting it on my face. My online art instructor has said that you don’t need innate sparkly art talent in order to be a good sketch artist- you just need practice. That I can do. Here’s to practice makes artist!



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