From Instagram: Dia de los Muertos festivities are kicking into high gear. Beautiful Catrinas everywhere! #guanajuato #gto #mexico #festival #culture #diadelosmuertos #catrina #wp

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From Instagram: Inktober – “flight”. This was WAY harder than I had intended for whatever reason. I had a lot of trouble with the two faces, especially the profile. Profiles seem so simple but I swear it took me 45 min to get it somewhat right. I also did not intend to cut the feet off everyone, but it kinda evolved that way when trying to get everyone’s size right in relation to one another. And, the bubble got a little muddy. Sigh. 😐 But, I think I’m just going to call it good enough and leave well enough alone. Any more tinkering and I’m afraid I’m just going to mess the whole thing up! #wp #watercolor #sketching #inktober #art

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It’s the last weekend of Cervantino here in Guanajuato. I had been expecting just total madness in the form of thousands of tourist here for these last three weeks, but honestly it hasn’t been that bad. Centro is usually crowded anyhow, and the tourists don’t really stray into our neighborhood much. I am looking forward to it getting a little quieter though – Mexico is loud enough as is without adding more daily festivals. 

One aspect of Cervantino which I adore is the influx of art into the city. There were many special sculptures created and placed around the city especially for the celebration, so I had a blast wandering around and looking for them. 

Inktober and sketch therapy

The feature photo was this morning’s crazy windy sunrise. We’ve been here in Guanajuato for three months now, and we’ve had our ups and downs. I’ve been struggling, as I was told I would be, which is partially why I haven’t had the patience or motivation to keep writing. But, everything is okay and I have things to look forward to now, which helps. 

I’ve been sketching a lot since I found out about inktober- a daily sketching prompt for the month of October. These aren’t good by any stretch of the imagination, but I’m pleased with my process. It’s a very meditative  process in the fact that while it’s a challenging activity, it’s also very relaxing. Sketching and painting take me totally out of my head and the world around me, and I can absorb myself 100% in what I’m doing. No election drama trauma, no dogs annoying me, no stressing about meal planning, nothing. Just focusing on lines and colors. 

Here’s a few of the plain ink ones. 

“Orange County” – the prompt was “tree” 


“Broken” – this is our little Mexican street rescue dog recovering from myriad ailments 

“Sad” – from a photo I took of a woman begging here in Guanajuato. Even though parts of the city are affluent and cosmopolitan, there is still a lot of poverty, especially among indigenous people. 

“Old & New” – this isn’t a prompt, and it’s the earliest of these drawings so it’s not as good. This is one of the magnicificent sculptures  here, as I saw it one day with an elderly man and two little dogs taking a break.