Throwing some shade 

Today we had to sketch a portrait, simply, (hah) from a small & not-very-detailed photo. I think the point was to focus on shapes and orientation without obsessing over detail.

God I suck at pencils. 

This started out terribly, especially when I started shading. I thought I ruined it. To my surprise, it started to come together with more lead layered on. I still had a lot of trouble with the shading, and I think that was enhanced by this super strong directional light combined with her dark skin. I really didn’t know what to do. 

But, here’s the eyeball progression. From dead eyes to rheumy eyes, to something not so bad. 

I’m going to keep sketching people because I really want to get to the point where I can bust out something simple, proportional, and quick. I’m also super cognizant of figuring out my style, whatever that ends up being. I don’t hate this though; not cartoony, but not too obsessive realism either. I want a happy, fast medium.